Summer projects to boost your home’s resale value

May 16, 2018

With summer approaching, you may begin thinking about which outdoor home improvement projects will provide you with the best return on your investment. It’s best to start by doing research to identify a project that fits your time and budget.

  1. Build a deck or patio. There are many designs and approaches to consider. Check your municipal building requirements as a building permit may be required for decks above a certain size and height.
  2. Install a sprinkler system. On average, homeowners use 50 per cent more water than necessary on their lawns. Automatic lawn sprinkler systems are designed with busy homeowners in mind and allow proper irrigation through timing and water distribution. Although there is an initial cost for the installation, you could save money in the long run.
  3. Landscape your property. Whether planning a garden or building a pond, landscaping often results in a significant return on your investment. However, you should always consult a trained professional before tackling a landscaping project to ensure you have the right materials and plants that will thrive in your space.
  4. Build or replace a fence. Defining the limits of your property is important for a variety of reasons, including privacy, security and safety. Do your research to find what’s right for your needs, and if appropriate, consult with a neighbour as you may be able to complete the project together.
  5. Re-shingle a tired roof. A strong, durable roof is an essential component of your home’s overall health and functionality. A new roof is especially important if your current roof is showing signs of wear including raised shingles or water seepage. A good roof is a good investment. Do your research, find the best contractor and select the best materials within your budget.