Junk – what to do with it

June 9, 2022


Often when I go see Clients to help them put a go to market price on their home and give them some direction on what they need to do to get the home market ready the Clients start apologizing for the clutter. The stuff. The Junk. The next words out of my mouth are to assure them that most of us are guilty of it. I joke with my Clients that we Canadians are a nation of Pack Rats.

We buy or collect stuff with good intentions of doing something with it. All too often it ends up in the basement, dusty and unused. Now apply this to the Baby Boomer Generation or even Octogenarians still living in the family home of some 25 to 50 years. Imagine all the stuff….or should I say junk. It could be Dad’s older power tools, Grandma’s china place settings or some Blue Mountain Pottery given to you from a dear Aunt. Chances are your kids don’t want your stuff. So what do you do with it? This Globe and Mail article is a good place to start.


Afterwards, give me a shout and we can discuss strategies. Here to help along the way. ~Ian